The 20 Essential Hot Dogs in Chicago

"Number 13 (…) A love letter to Detroit, Lola’s Coney Island is a small restaurant that imports hot dogs from the Motor City.”




- Chicago Magazine


Where to Get Coneys, Curds, and Other Midwestern Food in Chicago

- Chicago Magazine


Lola's Coney Island stands for Detroit –There's a dog in the fight in Humboldt Park.

“The last thing our homegrown dog Nazis need to do is get into Detroit's business. But that's precisely what Humboldt Park's Lola's Coney Island confronts Chicago with: Detroit-style hot dogs”

- Chicago Reader


Lola’s Coney, Touted As Chicago’s Only Spot Dedicated To Detroit-Style Coney Dogs, Opens In Humboldt Park

“At Lola’s, Coney dogs — hot dogs smothered in beanless chili and topped with chopped onions and mustard — are the star.”

-BlockClub Chicago


Coney Dogs to Make Comeback in Chicago at Humbolt Park Wiener Stand

“Misplaced Michiganders can once again relish in the hot dog of their homeland when “the only Detroit style Coney Island in Chicago" opens this year.”

-NBC5 Chicago


Explore the 3 freshest new businesses to debut in Chicago

“Get a taste of Motor City without making that trip to Michigan, reports Eater Chicago. Chow down on the famous Coney Dog with chili, mustard and diced yellow onion.”



Lola's Coney Island brings hot dogs and more to Humboldt Park

“Lola's Coney Island has gotten an enthusiastic response thus far, with a five-star rating out of five reviews on Yelp.”

- ABC7 Chicago


Detroit-Style Coney Island Hot Dog Stand Opens in Humboldt Park

“Fakhoury is proud of his traditional burgers that feature quarter-pound patties made from beef from International Meats. He uses a secret seasoning and aioli on the 85-percent meat to 15-percent fat blend and tops it with Wisconsin cheddar.”



New Humboldt Park Hot Dog Stand to Serve Detroit-Style Coneys and Chicago Dogs

“The Detroit-style dog will use sausages and chili from National Coney Island. He’ll assemble the dogs using bread from a Chicago baker. The Chicago dogs will use Vienna Beef products. Vienna also makes a New York-style sausage, so he’ll also use them for his N.Y. rendition. Not many hot dog stands serve Chicago, Detroit, and New York styles of encased meats.”



Detroit ex-pats rejoice, a Coney Island is coming to Chicago

“Along with Coneys (with coney sauce and hot dogs from National Coney Island and buns from a Chicago bakery), the casual lunch counter will serve Greek salads, Chicago-style dogs and NY-style sausages (both using Vienna beef products), burgers and another Detroit classic, a chicken tender pita wrap inspired by the “hani” that Fakhoury will call “The Joey” (after his newborn son).”

- Tostada Magazine