Detroit ex-pats rejoice, a Coney Island is coming to Chicago

Along with Coneys (with coney sauce and hot dogs from National Coney Island and buns from a Chicago bakery), the casual lunch counter will serve Greek salads, Chicago-style dogs and NY-style sausages (both using Vienna beef products), burgers and another Detroit classic, a chicken tender pita wrap inspired by the “hani” that Fakhoury will call “The Joey” (after his newborn son).



New Humboldt Park Hot Dog Stand to Serve Detroit-Style Coneys and Chicago Dogs

“The Detroit-style dog will use sausages and chili from National Coney Island. He’ll assemble the dogs using bread from a Chicago baker. The Chicago dogs will use Vienna Beef products. Vienna also makes a New York-style sausage, so he’ll also use them for his N.Y. rendition. Not many hot dog stands serve Chicago, Detroit, and New York styles of encased meats.”